Acquiring the ideal location.



We are here to assist at every turn.

Whether you are new to London or an experienced local operator looking to acquire a new site the process is as important.

We work closely with a number of London’s best landlords and agents so can offer insight into how to create the best fit between landlord and tenant.

Our role is to understand and articlate your concept to the landlord and then ensure that the site is fit for purpose.We offer the following services to achieve this:

Landlord Pack: A document that conveys your concept, USP and operating format to a potential landlord. Initial packs might be generic rto the market but then become adapted to be more specific once a siyte has been identified.

Site Feasibility Study: We create a simple floorplan layout to show the use of space which will determine basic operational flow and number of covers. With this document we can move to verification of incoming services and compatability with the site layout.

Site Survey: Our project management team can coordinate surveys and searches to fully understand the proposed property and identify any potential issues.

Business plan: We work with you to create a financial model to look at the budget for the development of the site and ensure that it is in line with the business plan objectives. We can also create a financial model that looks at generating a budget profit and loss budget for the site to determine return on investment and overall commercial suitability.

Presentation: We work alongside you to present the concept and ensure that the site is secured and your offer is accepted.

Negotiation: Where appropriate we work with our clients to negotiate on Heads of Terms and ensure the deal moves successfully to legals.